Welcome to Group Buying Power


We are now entering what we hope will be a fantastic summer so it is an excellent time to prepare your heating systems ready for the next cold spell, which hopefully is many months away!

Its also time to check your oil tank, give it a wash over and make sure you have ordered your supply before the demand picks up later in the year.

Its not only your oil tank either. When did you last look at what you were paying for your energy. Did you know there is a simple and free way to check this right now? Its true, no strings and we don’t need to be asked first. Just click on this link right here.

How much did you manage to save? Wow, as much as that!

Business utility bills can rocket, even at the best of times and its not quite so easy for a business to change supplier. Generally you only have a small ‘window’ of opportunity so best not to wait too long before you contact us. We will appraise the situation for you and make any recommendations without any obligation.

Whether you are a business or a residential customer, we look forward to welcoming you into Group Buying Power.  Its looking like a very exciting year, don’t be left out!

Oh and dare we say it …. Happy Christmas 🙂