Utilities Questions and Answers

Utility Comparisons and Savings

Is there a cost for the comparison service?

No.  This service is FREE, the only cost of membership is for the GBP oil ordering service.

Can I save on residential / domestic energy costs?

We hope so!!  We have teamed up with the leading independent energy comparison and switching service in the UK.

To enable you to see any possible savings you are able to make, please see the EHL page of our website or click on our contact link.

What details do I need to switch my energy supplier?

Most people can switch using just their postcode and a few basic details – such as how much they spend or how much energy they use, – if you do not have this information to hand, you can still switch using the EHL online usage estimator.

Please note – if you would like to switch to a direct debit tariff, you will need to fill out the DD form online with your bank details.

To enter your details and to use the online usage estimator click on the EHL Link.

In a very small number of cases you may need to know your gas or electricity meter number, which you can find on an old bill or the meter itself.

How long does it take to switch supplier?

EHL advise that the whole process takes 8-12 weeks, however, in many cases the switch is made much sooner.

Can I save on commercial utilities?

We can help save your business money with our completely FREE management service, designed to provide your business with the best value utility savings available.

How can GBP help my business?

We offer a mobile service tailored to what you want your contract to do.

During the contract we will:

1. Ensure you do not miss the short contract termination window that most enery providers offer.

2. Recommend any utility savings your business can make based on how it operates.

3. Deal with suppliers if any issues arise.

4. Ask you for quarterly meter readings so you do not get into unintentional debt.

Can my business also save on phone, broadband and mobile?

Yes, we provide a range of flexible and cost effective services for your business phone, broadband and mobile.

We can provide cost savings of up to 50% on BT standard business rates.

With a contention rate of not less than 14-1 this means you will always receive a very fast   broadband service.

Can I make savings on my business water bill?

In line with the deregulation of gas and electricity, the water market is expected to deregulate in due course, allowing all water suppliers to compete for your custom.

We will be able to negotiate the best deal for your business, further increasing the benefits that we can provide to your business.