Oil Buying Group

Can I Benefit

Yes you can, whether a domestic user, a business, church, leisure centre or a farm, through the ability of group purchasing almost everyone can benefit from joining Group Buying Power to make substantial savings on oil bills.


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What will Group Buying Power do for me?

Having joined Group Buying Power, we will keep in regular contact with you by email to remind you to check your tank oil levels.


When an oil delivery is required, simply let us know the quantity, we will then contact our suppliers and negotiate the best multiple delivery prices for the group order. A minimum delivery order of 500 litres per household is required to take advantage of group purchasing.


We arrange a convenient delivery period and confirm the price per litre (PPL) excluding VAT which is currently 5% with the supplier.


We will contact you to confirm the name of the supplier, the PPL and the period of delivery. We put you in touch with the supplier where your payment and any outstanding details regarding delivery are made.


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What are the advantages?

Group Buying Power helps bring communities together by negotiating substantial reductions in their oil bills.


We can all help lower the carbon footprint by having the supplier deliver your oil to the same area at the sametime to reduce the amount of journeys made.


With much lower delivery costs involved, savings are passed directly on to Group Buying Power customers.


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Are there any disadvantages

No, was saving money ever a disadvantage? Click here to start saving

How much does it cost to join?

There is no cost to join our group.


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What do you need from me?

Complete and return our simple online application form which you can see here.


We would like you to pass on by word of mouth to friends and neighbours about the great savings you can get from Group Buying Power.


If you have any suggestions about how we can improve our service to you we would love to hear from you.


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How does GBP cover their costs?

We ask our oil suppliers for a 1p/per litre commission from orders processed by the group. This fee comes from the lowering of the suppliers cost, not as a mark-up fee placed on top of customer orders.


By charging only a nominal fee we are able to continue as a sustainable business and provide an essential service to our group members and their communities.


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Save money now on oil bills with Group Buying Power

Group Buying Power (GBP) is proud to work independently of any oil supplier. GBP is not owned, controlled nor has any connection to any oil company or supplier.


Our focus is simply to provide substantial long-term savings to homeowners and businesses by organising group heating oil deliveries to reduce the rising cost of heating oil.


We work hard to provide savings on each order placed, and of course, the more members we have, the greater the purchasing power.