Oil Buying Group

About Us

Group Buying Power has been set up independently of any oil company – it is not owned, controlled nor has any connection to any oil company or supplier. Our main focus is to provide savings to home owners by organising group heating oil deliveries, therefore reducing the rising cost of your heating oil. We intend to provide savings each time you place an order, and of course, the more members we have the greater our purchasing power!!!

Heating Oil Savings

Yes It’s true. Group Buying Power can help your cash flow. Even ordering smaller amounts you can benefit from the bulk price.

Savings on Gas & Electricity

We are delighted to offer a FREE switching service helping you make savings on your electricity and gas bills.

Services we offer

GBP offer a complete range of services to save you and your business time and money. Find out more here.

Have a question?

Then follow the link here to discover the most common answers to questions we receive.