Terms of Membership

Our terms and conditions of membership have been designed for users who sign up using the Signup form on this website.

These terms and conditions include, amongst other things, confirm that Group Buying Power (GBP) is an independent company whose desire is purely to ensure that members can take advantage of bulk oil prices for their heating requirements.

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Additional information can be obtained by reading our FAQ section, which you can find here for oil and here for other utilities.

Terms of Understanding

  • An order will be accepted once received via email from you. GBP will confirm receipt of your order and the details within that order via email, or post if you do not have an email address, including the applicable price that will apply to that Order. Once a delivery time is agreed with the oil company this will be sent out via email to you.
  • GBP is not affiliated in any way to any oil company. GBP has been set up independently of any oil company – it is not owned, controlled nor has any connection to any oil company or supplier.
  • You hereby authorise GBP to negotiate on your behalf the best discount they can at that time.
  • Any prices shown or stated on GBP are true and accurate to best of our knowledge.
  • The most common type of home heating oil is Kerosene (28 second) and is generally used by most people who have oil based heating. We can look to provide other fuels by request (not road petrol or diesel).
  • The savings you achieve will be dependent on the time of year that you place your order, how much you order, how often you place orders and also how many others are placing orders at the same time.
  • GBP will compare prices at the time of order with various suppliers, to see who is offering the best price. The price of oil varies considerably from supplier-to-supplier and from day-to-day. No one supplier is consistently cheaper all the time.
  • It is recognised that ordering oil in smaller amounts i.e. 500 or 1,000 litres from your supplier on an independent basis can be costly. Because GBP will be ordering a larger quantities, you are able to top up your tank with 500 or 1,000 litres and benefit from the overall bulk purchase.
  • Your registration and account details are important to us. We do not share your information with any other members or third parties other than the supplier of the oil at the time of your delivery. We will hold all information confidential pursuant to our obligations under the Data Protection Act and will only use that information to arrange for delivery of your oil.
  • This scheme does not provide any guarantees that you will not run out of oil – it is a reminder and group buying service only.
  • There is no obligation to purchase just using GBP, you always have the option to order oil independently, even after you have joined the group, but you will not benefit from our group ordering service.
  • Equally there is no obligation for you to purchase any oil from us at any point. We will simply contact you at the relevant times and you can place an order should you wish to do so. As your order increases our negotiating power, once submitted we regard it as binding. However, if you cancel your orders on a regular basis without good reason we reserve the right to cease your membership in GBP with immediate effect. It is important members commit to orders to keep our cost low and get the best possible price from our suppliers.
  • The average price that is displayed is open to change at any time.
  • GBP claims no ownership to any company trademarks used on this website.
  • GBP reserves the right at all times to vary, change, alter, amend, add to or remove any of these terms subject to providing you with 14 days notice of those changes.
  • If you no longer wish to be part of GBP then we would request that you confirm this via email so that we can update our records and you will stop receiving contact from us.


  • You are entitled to cancel your Order by serving written notice on the Supplier at any time prior to the Supplier’s carrier leaving the Supplier’s premises to fulfil your order provided that the Supplier reserves the right to charge you a reasonable sum in respect of any Goods held specifically to meet the Order and/or for any costs associated with the cancellation, subject to the Supplier using the Supplier’s reasonable efforts to allocate such Goods elsewhere and otherwise to mitigate the Supplier’s losses.
  • If you cancel your Order after that time then you may be liable for the oil ordered, subject to the position of the Oil Company which that particular order was placed with.

Legal Notices

  • At no point is a contract created between you and GBP. GBP are simply a facilitation service placing group orders on your behalf. The order itself will be placed on your behalf directly with each individual Oil company. GBP will not accept payment from you for any oil ordered and/or received. Such payment is to be made directly to the oil company following their invoicing of your of the order amount.
  • Email Security – The email system is encrypted and as such GBP cannot guarantee its security. GBP does not accept any liability for breaches of security or viruses arising from use of the email system. Further, no liability is accepted where the email has been intercepted and altered by a third party.
  • Agreement Documentation – you acknowledge that you have applied for Membership of GBP in reliance only on the representations, warranties, promises and terms contained or expressly referred to within these Terms and Conditions. GBP shall not have any liability in respect of any other representation, warranty or promise unless it was made fraudulently.
  • Force Majeure – GBP shall not be liable for any delay or failure in delivery of the oil ordered by you. It is accepted by you that GBP have no control over the oil company and their delivery of the oil order.
  • Third Party Rights – Unless expressly provided in these Terms and Conditions, no term of the Membership is enforceable pursuant to the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 by any person who is not a party to it.
  • Governing Law And Jurisdiction – The validity, construction and performance of the Membership Agreement and Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales whose courts are the courts of exclusive Jurisdiction to which the Parties Submit.

Company Status

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